Land New Meetings 

Generate Opportunities

Get In Growth Mode 

For Founders with Backgrounds in Non-Sales Disciplines: Engineering, Product, Accounting

B2B Providers

Early Stage Tech Firms - SaaS

Service Companies



Learners Growing Into Sales Roles

Career Changers Updating Their Sales Games

Keys to the Game


CRM and technology utilization

Digital transformation

Metrics and KPI's

ICP - Ideal Customer Profile

Analysis of sales process to reduce sales cycle 

Define sales funnels

Customize a sales playbook

Prospect engagement

Customer success  

Create framework for inbound leads

Digital marketing strategy 

Outbound: Cold calling 

Outbound: Cold emails and copywriting

Business growth strategy 

Go-To-Market strategy

Personal development - team growth goals

PlazaSource Bolt

Get an Extended Trial With Pipedrive

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Self-serve setup of Pipedrive CRM and create your own model.

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PlazaSource Swift Connect

Configuration & Rapid Design Package of your Pipedrive CRM platform. A customized solution designed by our sales and marketing expert to help configure and design a winning CRM Pipedrive platform for your team.

Digital Transformation - Life Easy


Remote business consultation

Customize and identify pipeline deal stages

Add 20 accounts

Add 20 leads

Add content

Data import

Create and activate users

Sync email

Identify and add deal lost reasons

Customize pipeline deal stages

Create webform “Contact Us Now”

Add up to 20 custom fields

Add up to 5 custom reports

Add up to 5 cold email templates

Up to 2 workflows 

Membership to the PlazaSource Community with a monthly newsletter filled with sales and marketing tips.

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